Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Is Noisy

I've just returned from a walk, not a particularly nice walk because of the noise.  It's a nice August day, 64 degrees at 2 pm, it seemed the right thing to do to take a walk. 

We seldom need air conditioning so summer means we have the windows and doors open.  People are just plain noisy.  There's cars, motorcycles, bicycles that cause my dog to bark, people in conversation and assorted other noises.

I always hope I'm setting off on a nice peaceful walk but that never seems to happen.  The grounds here are beautifully landscaped but that means noise.  Today it was riding mowers, push mowers, hedge clippers, and leaf blowers.  I've never understood why it takes 4 men in a group to blow leaves.  It's four times the noise and I'm sure leaves can't be that hard to blow.  There's also the fresh cut grass that causes me to sneeze and make more noise.

Summer is time to update the complex.  There are painters and aluminium ladders everywhere you look.  They also power wash the buildings during the summer.

In just a few weeks it will be time to close up the house and wait for the rain to begin.  I suspect if I walk during that time it will be peaceful and quiet but I've never enjoyed walking the the cold rain.

I've decided I need to call a meeting of the complex management, landscape management, and Mother Nature.  This plan isn't working.  We need some changes.